[NEWS] 130718 EXO's Russian Performance, "We saw a ghost"

The boy group EXO, who went to Russia the perform as ending ceremony, had an unexpected meeting with a ghost.

On the 18th at 11:30AM, the 5:30PM's broadcast of TVN "eNEWS" group reveal a few things.
EXO went to Kazan Russia to perform at the closing ceremony of the "2013 Kazan Universiade Ceremony" which is when they encountered the ghost.

EXO's member revealed, "When we went to Russia we encountered a ghost." EXO's member Chanyeol continued, "When we went to Russia we met a ghost. Rather than actually seeing one, it was more of an unusual aura and feeling." He then said, "Me and Chen shared the same room. I was sleeping normally until I got sleep paralysis. It was because of the ghost that I felt paralyzed and couldn't move. Suddenly the ghost moved onto Chen and did the same, and at that time, Chen was screaming 'please save me!' I got really shocked." This caused both of them to be left in awe.

In addition, EXO's labemate and senior, SHINee's Jonghyun has also experienced something like this before.

During the vocal practice, he was singing the tunes of "do, re, mi, fa, sol". Once he got to the "sol", he heard a woman's voice pitching for "sol" and got really scared.

Source: eNEWS

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