Can I stop blogging?

Can I stop blogging for this year?

Wow, I'm super busy with my assignment this year. My A-level programme will reach its end this year. After that I have to find part-time job before I continue with Degree on September 2018.

Everyday I will go to college at 7am and I will head home on 6pm (bcs my house is near to my college). I was so damn tired that I don't even take a peek at my laptop and update anything about EXO. I also have reduce my time from watch k-dramas, k-pop and all of entertainment bcs my final is approaching.

I hope you will understand me. thank you :)


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!
Hope the next year will be a better year for us♥


I read all of my previous posts in this blog and I'm so embarrass right now hahahahahahah. I just realize how immature or insane I am, posting the posts that full of grammar mistakes, unstable emotions, memories that I shouldn't post in this blog which I know that you will not read it but I keep insisting to post it omg hahahah.

But one this I realize is, I'm growing up with this blog. I've been managing this blog from 2011 actually but actively blogging on 2012 as a personal blog and changed it to EXO's blog on Sept 2012. On 2012, I was 14y/o and very IMMATURE lol. And today, I just realize how much I've grown up. I'm going to be 19y/o on 2017 hahahahah I'm old already lol. While I'm growing, I've learned how to manage my emotion, throw away the people that doesn't need my attention and other else.

I know I rarely post something like this because I'm a very introvert person. I don't really speak up about my true feeling and I care about is others' feeling. Even during my family time, I don't really open my mouth to talk. My mum always asks me whether I'm okay or do I need her to help me with my problems but I always reject it even the problem is bigger than my body size. So the only way I speak up about my feeling is to write or type something and carefully save it. As my parents don't know that I'm managing a blog, I'm just posting my feeling as an anonymous.

lol why do I even tell you guys about this. Anyway, I want to take this chance to say THANK YOU for staying loyal with my blog even I rarely post. I really appreciate it. If only I'm rich I would send you guys presents to represent my thankful feeling but I barely survive myself so... yeah.

-Nina Park-

Wang Eun and Park Soon Deok

I cried a lot though > <
They are such a cute couple! Why they must die ㅠㅠ
Anyways, thank you for supporting our Baekhyun and Z. Hera too
(Z. Hera is so pretty omg)

160921 첸❤

Happy Birthday, my LOVE 김종대. I love you baby boy, always ❤❤❤

Your wife,
Nina Park

University Life

Earlier on May, I got accepted to a college.
This is hard.

My mom told me to enter the college. Surprisingly, I obeyed her words hahahah. It just a pre-university programme. So its only take one and a half year. But to me, its still a suffer xD 

Maybe I will be busy and have no time to update my blog. I should take another admin to keep this blog active. But no. I love blogging bcs... idk. I just love to post and share what I like and love with others. I will try to update this blog, even one day there will be no reader at all. This is a way I can get rid of my stress. My stress is so serious that I need to meet a doctor and solve this shit but my parents will be like " are you kidding me? you are still young." tch -,-

Anyway, I want to spread positivity to all of you. I love all my readers!!